Economic growth, urban development, dynamic individuals, construction and commerce in Québec are themes dear to JBC Media.

The annual publication Montréal Economic Powerhouse (Montréal économique) has been aimed since 2010 at leaders in the economic, political, cultural and knowledge spheres. Its mission is to promote the economic strengths of greater Montréal and Québec and, in targeted fashion, the rest of Canada and elsewhere.

The annual publication Le Québec économique is an extension of Montréal Economic Powerhouse as it is aimed at the same Québec readership. Its mission is to highlight Québec’s economic strengths and to promote cities as a whole and the dynamism of certain municipalities in particular.

100 ans d’histoire is a periodical published as special souvenir editions. Its mission is to promote the history of various professions and different sectors of commercial activity in Québec. JBC Media has extensive expertise in this area.